Anuarul Muzeului Etnografic al Moldovei – XI / 2011


The County Direction of the National Archives of Iaşi preserved 15 lots of old papers (no. 271-286 of the Collection Documents) resulting from the „Artur Gorovei” Collection of Fălticeni. They were inventoried by the diligent archivist Constantin Turcu while a refugee, at Săcel, in the county of Gorj, during the period 1944-1945. In autumn 1943, the same Constantin Turcu, main archivist at the State Archives of Iaşi, went to Fălticeni to make a selection of the archive of the local Tribunal. Files older than 30 years old were to be taken over by the State Archives. We think this is the moment when the files in the „Artur Gorovei” Collection arrived from Fălticeni to the Archives of Iaşi. The paper concisely describes the content of these sets of documents.

The author points out persons, lands and general matters of historical interest, which catch the reader’s attention when coming in contact with the sets of documents prepared by Constantin Turcu. Thus, any interested reader can get an idea regarding the quantity, quality and diversity of the documents saved by a passionate researcher and a great patriot only through the energy, assiduity and own means. It is worth pointing out that the files in these files are collected sometimes item by item, from places which the scholar of Fălticeni reached throughout his life. It is very possible that without such collecting work many of these documents would have disappeared into nothingness within the agitation characterizing the recent history of the Romanians. Naturally, when we see the documents of this Collection we invariably remember the one who saved them, preserved them and very generously made them available to all history aficionados: Artur Gorovei, the scholar of Fălticeni.