Anuarul Muzeului Etnografic al Moldovei – XI / 2011


Starting from „Mihai Pop” National Scientific Session organized on 26 November 2010 within the Faculty of Letters of the University in Bucharest, where Zoltán Rostás presented the book by Mihai Pop, I want to be reviewed too. The Papers Published During 1937-1940 (Bucharest, Editura Paideia, 2010, 416 p.), the author analyzes this last volume which contains papers of a great thematic variety, prevalent being those pertaining to matters related to the war to come. It also contains papers on important sociological and cultural aspects. Many of the papers analyze the Romanian political realities of that troubled period. Few times he refers to cultural, literary or scientific matters. By their importance, their varied topics, and the commentator’s gift of finely discerning the realities of the 1940s, the papers in this volume contribute to the better and more refined knowledge of the personality of Mihai Pop.