Anuarul Muzeului Etnografic al Moldovei – XIV / 2014


The author approaches one of the main issues related to the funeral rites, of an impressive age and of great importance in understanding the phenomenon of the Great Passage. In time, mourning and mourning colours have been studied by many specialists; therefore, any contribution within this field is more than welcomed. As a form of exteriorization of the grieving for the dead one, mourning presents several ways of manifestation. The author concentrates on the colours used for this purpose, on white especially. He concludes that white – more than black or other colours within the analyzed range – has represented the prevailing colour of mourning, not only in Romania, but also in more wider cultural areas.

Keywords: mourning, white mourning, black, blue, grey, drab, purple, red.

Cuvinte-cheie: doliul, doliul alb, negru, albastru, gri, cafeniu, purpuriu, roşu.