Buletinul ”Ioan Neculce” al Muzeului de Istorie a Moldovei – XIX / 2013


The subject of this paper is the “palace” of prince Dimitrie Mavrocordat (the son of voivode Constantin Mavrocordat), built in Iaşi at the end of 18th century in the Sărăria de Sus (the Upper Salt-road) quarter. The building was significant mainly because one of its ballrooms hosted the Peace of Iaşi of 1792. The same building hosted the balls offered to Russian general Kutuzov, in 1793 and 1794. In 1806, voivode Alexandru Mavrocordat „Firaris” established here the Princely Court, after the fire that destroyed the Old Court. There are no information regarding the time the Court functioned here and an estimation is not possible, as there are no clear data on the matter. Afterwards, the building became the private residence of the Mavrocordat family. In 1817, prince Dimitrie Mavrocordat dies. The Sărărie residence was inherited by his son Alexandru Mavrocordat, who married, around 1792, Ecaterina, the daughter of Theodor Balş. They are the parents of Zoe, born in 1805, the future wife of reigning prince Gheorghe Bibescu. Alexandru Mavrocordat held several noble ranks, among which the ones of grand comis (marshal), grand căminar, grand postelnic, grand logofăt (chancellor). He was the holder of the office of grand Aga (chief of Police of the capital) in 1819, when broke out the notorious revolt of the Tatarasi townspeople, which he is to be blamed for.

The building was sold in 1855, after the large amount of debt amassed by the owner caused it to be auctioned (sultan-mezat). The sale was postponed, though, until after the death of the respective owner.

Starting with 1869 the building hosted the Academic Institute, the first private high-school in Iaşi. Since 1879 the Academic Institute merged with the New Lyceum under the name of Unified Institutes, a boys’ high-school. In 1909, the Mavrocordat palace hosted the Secondary School (externals) for Girls – „Oltea Doamna”, after the destruction by fire of its premises in the courtyard of Golia monastery. After 1960 the Medium School No. 2, which functioned in the ex Mavrocordat palace, was transformed in mixed school, under the name of High-School No. 2 „Mihai Eminescu”. This year marked the end of the old school for girls and the beginning of the „Mihai Eminescu” National Collegium of today.