Ovidiu Baron, Mediere culturală prin expoziții-atelier în Muzeul în aer liber Expoziția „Mască și Dublă Față”

MediCult – Revista de mediere culturală II (2023)


This article presents an example from the series of exhibition workshops included in the cultural mediation program The Secret
Memory of Objects. The mediation action considers possible differences between the historical context, the socio-economic
situation, the cultural landscape from the years of building the house/household, passing through various moments, until now. We are also concerned with relating the archaic way of living to the present one, both rural and urban, the way in which the young
generations perceive the similarities and differences between the two, but also possible problems related to the perception of the other, of the inhabitants of another region, of a certain lifestyle, of the complex relationships between man and the landscape he inhabits – and transforms – the way local identity is preserved in the context of globalization and many other aspects.