Revista „Cercetări istorice” – XXXII / 2013


The research of Movila family’s history and genealogy has so far focused especially on the branch (descending from chancellor IoanMovila) where seven princes and two metropolitan bishops were born, one of them famous throughout Europe – PetruMovila, archbishop and metropolitan bishop of Kiev. In the first part of the study, the author analyzes the information related to another branch, less visible in Moldavia’s history, descending from the brother of chancellorIoan, governorVăscanMovilă. This personage is attested in documents as one of his sons, bearing the diminutive form of the family name, Moviliţă. The second part of the study examines the possibility that a personage of the first half of the 17thcentury, Captain Adam Moviliţă, could belong to the same family, as a descendant from a separate branch at the beginning of the 16thcentury. Several persons bearing identical names (Moghilă, Movilă, Moghiliţă, Moviliţă), and owning estates in the southern part of Moldaviaprove the existence of this branch, and their kinship to the princely branch is suggested by a common property. Adam Moviliţă appears in the same area, and his name and social status (pointed by kinships through marriage) plead for his membership to this group. We can conclude that the kinship with the reigning branch is not a fantasy.