Revista „Cercetări istorice” – XXXVI / 2017


Victor Condurache’s name is linked to the organization in the 1960s of several museum institutions of Iași.

Acting as director of the Union Museum of Iași (1957-1960) historian Victor Condurache took care of the elaboration of the museum theme and the organization of the permanent exhibition of the museum, that was opened on 24 January 1959, with the occasion of the celebration of the centennial of the Union of the Principalities. A history aficionado, he managed to gather a valuable patrimony formed particularly of items illustrating the Epoch of the 1859 Union. Among the particularly valuable items that become part of the museum patrimony during those years, mention should be made of objects that belonged to Prince Alexandru Ioan Cuza. Some of them (Cuza furniture items) were donated to the Museum of the Union by Maria Brătianu.

During the period 1960-1962 and 1964-1966, Victor Condurache was in charge of the Regional Museum of Iași. From this position he coordinated the organization of museum institutions such as Ion Creangă’s “Bojdeuca” in Iași, ”Vasile Alecsandri” Memorial Museum in Mircești or the Memorial Museum of Șurănești dedicated to Emil Racoviță.

Between 1962-1964, Victor Condurache was part of the delegation of the Permanent Committee of Romania by UNESCO in Paris, working within the Department Cultural Programs, Divisions Monuments and Museums.