Anuarul Muzeului Etnografic al Moldovei – X / 2010


The following judgment was put forward, starting with the bio-somatic unity of man made of body and soul: if there is nothing in the Universe not to be sheltered by something else, the soul must exist therefore in a certain shelter. The Universe is the shelter of all shelters which swallows all others as in the proverb: The strong pray upon the weak. Following the same logic, shelters (the body, the house, the village, the country) can be inhabited by the soul or can be desert (the corpse, the deserted house), infinitely small or infinitely big ones. In order to find some possible data regarding the enigmatical tenant, there was chosen the method of step by step observation, covering shelter by shelter, from outside to inside, as some proverbs and sayings suggest: A man’s face is the mirror of the soul; the face according to the soul; a man’s heart is read on his face; the tree is known by its bark, the man by his clothes. In physics this way of knowing the reality is named Dirichlet and has a simple statement: if values taken by a function at the outline of a domain are known, then the function does exist in that domain. When there is no mathematical function in a shelter, this function has no signals on its outline. Specifically, in this study there are analyzed the shelters of the soul departed by death only: the coffin, wooden house placed in the grave as the sarcophagus in Egyptian pyramid; the bed of the dead placed in the coffin as the bed of the living in the house; the grave dug in the womb of the earth similar to the old hut and the pre-historic cave; the cemetery made of graves as the village of households; the world beyond peaceful and mirifical land set to the west, direction thought to be followed by souls following death in ancient times too, in the ancient Egypt, Vedic India, classical Greece.