Alice-Georgiana Fănaru, Consolidarea și dezvoltarea publicului de muzeu prin social media marketing. Studiu de caz: Complexul Muzeal de Patrimoniu Cultural Nord-dobrogean

MediCult – Revista de mediere culturală II (2023)


In the cultural context, social media marketing represents an essential tool in promoting and enhancing accessibility to cultural heritage for a diverse and global audience. Social media platforms provide cultural institutions and museums with opportunities to build connections with a new audience, generate interest, and inspire in innovative ways. Through creative, educational, and interactive content, memorable digital experiences can be created that transcend spatial and temporal barriers. Social media thus becomes a crucial channel for cultural mediation, facilitating continuous dialogue between cultural institutions and diverse communities. With consistent commitment and adaptability to changes in digital trends, cultural social media marketing serves as a powerful engine for the preservation and promotion of cultural richness in an increasingly digitally connected world. In this article, we present the social media activities of the North-Dobrogean Cultural Heritage Complex, through its centers: the Tulcea Art Museum and the Avramide House. We outline the history of their Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok profiles and draw conclusions regarding their contribution to the creation of a new type of audience.