Felicia Zet, Observ lumea prin ochiul de liniște al furtunii din filmul vieții mele

MediCult – Revista de mediere culturală II (2023)


I watch the world through the eye of the storm inside the movie of my life. I am the creator of my own reality, a movie about my life as a Human. I can choose to fight the storm I’m experiencing, or I can choose to accept it, waiting in the eye of the storm, at its centre, examining my inner world. After distilling the emotions produced by the experience of life, I receive wisdom as a gift.
With the patience of eternity as a search instrument, the creator unties a loop of light from the divine fabric and transforms the world. Past-future, close-remote, sharp-diffuse, love-fear, clarity-confusion are the extremes mixed together in a fascinating ripple of Light in the Shadow Game. My experience as an oncology patient began in June 2022, and my most recent painting was made during the online atelier „You, Me and the Flowers”, initiated by the “Moldova” National Museum Complex in partnership with the Regional Institute of Oncology in Iași.