Revista „Cercetări istorice” – XLI – 2022

Music and political power – A conceptual approach


In order to be able to observe the connection of music with political power, but also the way in which it is done, we will have to see the context and the elements that help put this fact into practice. We propose an incursion into the European history of the music-power relationship, referring at the same time to the Oriental conception regarding the same aspect. We also want to see the pattern or support in which this relationship can be applied, referring to the ceremony and ritual and to how they are used in the aid of the public expression of the monarch. Here we will also discuss the main hypostases in which music is visibly an instrument in the arsenal of political power. The framework that we will try to expose is intended to familiarize us with the subject of this text and to be a starting point in analyzing political power from a music perspective.

Cuvinte cheie: muzică, putere politică, relația muzică-putere politică, monarh, ceremonie, ritual

Keywords: music, political power, music-political power relationship, monarch, ceremony, ritual